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Effective Activism

So, you’re a Vegan! You have now reached the moral baseline the animals of this world deserve.

Now what?

Living a cruelty free vegan lifestyle is the minimum standard one could hope to achieve. Being active and spreading the message of veganism comes next. This doesn’t mean having endless arguments with your friends and family about canines and protein. This means educating yourself and then effectively educating others.

The Great Vegan Frittata

“Wrapped Shitless” would be the phrase used to describe my feelings after cooking with Orgrans Easy Egg.

The first time I cooked with this delicious yellow powder I created a reasonably successful vegetable frittata without trying too hard. I just followed the directions on the back to make the batter, added spices and dumped in whatever veggies I had in the fridge. I knew straight away it needed extra flavouring, after reading reviews, some vegans found out the hard way. Your vegan egg creations will be tasty and good to go if you follow these few tips;

Vegan vs. Vegan – Top 10 subjects Vegans fight over

"Vegans can be fit, fat, healthy, unhealthy, skinny, ripped and everything in between. Lets accept this and move on. It's not a plant pissing contest."
Sheila Valiant Vegan

Ahhh, those sweet melancholy early months living the vegan lifestyle. I went through a stage where I thought everyone who was vegan was just plain awesome and really nice. You have to be a great, caring and understanding individual to realise the ultimate truth and commit to a vegan lifestyle……right? Yep – for a good while there I thought all vegans were saints.

Once I ventured out from underneath my tiny rock, I came to the realization some people are just assholes, whether they are vegan or not. This was at first, very hard to accept.

Vegan Cornflake cookies

These are the ultimate Aussie Biscuits. They are easy, tasty, crunchy and soft all at the same time. Daniels eyes light up like a kid at Christmas when I say I’m going to make them. He gobbles them up pretty quick. Well not as quick as me, he actually has some degree of self control.

2017, Food, Clothes and all the Goals!

Hello 2017 Valiant Readers!

Have we all set goals for this year?

There’s always the goals I set that I know will loose traction by about February, these include;

Nectar Joys

Ahhhh – the humble honey joy! I remember eating shit tonnes of these as a kid. They would make an appearance at every birthday party alongside the Coco pop chocolate crackles!

Cornflakes, well they’re vegan thank god, but honey, *high pitched squeaky voice* wellllll….. not so much.

Honey is something most people get very shocked over, “What, you don’t even eat honey? That’s crazy!”

Dear Angry Vegans

Dear angry vegans,

Something happened online last week that compelled me to write this to you.

You know who you are, the angriest of them all.

I get it, there’s a lot of dickheads in the world that love to stir shit up.

Is it surprising for you, dear angry vegans, to hear that these dickheads find your anger entertaining?

Let me explain the whole situation.

I love being apart of the vegan FaceBook pages. We get to discuss our dilemmas, share recipes, help each other and rate vegan pizza’s. To be accepted into these groups you must go through a full background check. Once approved the administrators call and conduct a phone interview. The questions asked are to ensure that you are actually vegan. They drill you with questions like; ‘Name four vegan documentaries. Name three well known vegans. What does Gary mean to you?’

Staple Smoothie

When I really love something, I consume it in vast quantities until I can no longer physically stand it. I don’t snack on unhealthy stuff in regular small amounts like normal people. I prefer to have abnormally large amounts, irregularly.

I don’t have a lot of junk food in the house. If I buy shitty sugar laden food, you better believe it’s not gunna survive long in the pantry. I’m like one girl piranha, going on feeding frenzies, consuming everything within reach.


My Vegan Story

One – The Beginning.

I had a happy childhood. My mum and dad grew up on farms in fairly remote areas of Victoria. Our family enjoyed going camping, hunting and fishing. It was normal to be apart of the killing, skinning and gutting of animals before preparing them to eat. We had minimal junk food and I ate what I was given, which was usually meat and vegetables. We had cereal for breakfasts and homemade sandwiches for lunches. If we ever whinged that we were hungry we were told to take our pick from the fruit bowl.

Two – The Pharmacy.

My first ever proper encounter with someone who didn’t eat meat was with a girl named Kate.

Sheila’s Lasagne

I’m a pasta girl from way back. One of my favourite breakfast meals growing up was left over spaghetti bolognaise on toast. Really anything on toast is pretty good, but pasta on toast, thats some next level shit.

I love napolitano, creamy fettuccini, spicy linguini, dear god macaroni and of course, lasagne. Lasagne is like the Mufasa of all the pasta dishes, ruling over the Pridelands of pasta.

Lasagne makes you feel happy, full and always wanting more.

So of course I had to make a vegan lasagne. More importantly, meat eaters had to approve.