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2017, Food, Clothes and all the Goals!

Hello 2017 Valiant Readers!

Have we all set goals for this year?

There’s always the goals I set that I know will loose traction by about February, these include;

Old Car Smell

That unmistakable old car smell, if I could bottle that scent and spray it over everything I own I would. That mix of petrol, oil, leather and a hint of old man all in one. If I haven’t driven her for a while, sometimes I just stand in the shed, throw my head back and suck in that beautiful sweet smell, like a creepo with a fresh pair of knickers. Our garage is connected to the house, after a long drive the smell seeps into the corridor. Knowing visitors often comment ‘mmmmm, ya can smell ya car’ yeah…they get it.

The petrol smell is predominant. Most likely because there’s a slow leak in the fuel tank which I haven’t got around to fixing yet, yes I’m a