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Daily Archives: March 22, 2017

Vegan vs. Vegan – Top 10 subjects Vegans fight over

"Vegans can be fit, fat, healthy, unhealthy, skinny, ripped and everything in between. Lets accept this and move on. It's not a plant pissing contest."
Sheila Valiant Vegan

Ahhh, those sweet melancholy early months living the vegan lifestyle. I went through a stage where I thought everyone who was vegan was just plain awesome and really nice. You have to be a great, caring and understanding individual to realise the ultimate truth and commit to a vegan lifestyle……right? Yep – for a good while there I thought all vegans were saints.

Once I ventured out from underneath my tiny rock, I came to the realization some people are just assholes, whether they are vegan or not. This was at first, very hard to accept.