Staple Smoothie

When I really love something, I consume it in vast quantities until I can no longer physically stand it. I don’t snack on unhealthy stuff in regular small amounts like normal people. I prefer to have abnormally large amounts, irregularly.

I don’t have a lot of junk food in the house. If I buy shitty sugar laden food, you better believe it’s not gunna survive long in the pantry. I’m like one girl piranha, going on feeding frenzies, consuming everything within reach.


When I get that Oreo feeling, a whole double packet can vanish into the vast abyss that is Sheila’s stomach. This is often followed by an hour or so of horizontal motionlessness and the sounds of regret.

“Daniel, why’d you let me do thaaaaat”?  I always manage to sob from my partial food coma.2016120612154345971-smaller

“Holey shit babe, you ate both packets? Jesus Christ, how…..why”?


When I get that bread feeling, the whole loaf is my bitch. I have toast then stuff on toast and then more toast. I usually make it about three quarters of the way through the loaf and then think to myself ‘Why stop now? It’s almost done, just do it properly then all the evidence is gone. What bread’?


When I get that cookie feeling, nothing can stop me, not even myself.

This doesn’t happen very often because of the mind games leading up to the feeding frenzy and the disappointment that ensues afterwards.

I make the cookies from scratch. I know full well the whole time I’m baking, that I’m going to eat the whole batch.

“Okay Sheils, just gunna have 3 or 4 now aren’t ya” I try to convince myself as I mix the dough.

I then eat about 5 cookies worth of dough before they even get to the oven.

Then that sweet fresh baked smell hits me hard and it’s all over. I’m done. A dozen cookies down and I’ve done it again.

But then the cravings are over and I can resume with my regular eating. I like it this way.

I love variety and there are very few foods that I can eat over and over again before I move onto something different.

Two of my staple foods I haven’t gotten over yet are bananas and mangoes. I eat shit tins of bananas every day. For the past few months I have been buying bulk frozen and fresh mangoes. Gotta eat them while they’re cheap!

I’ve been having this one smoothie every morning after training for the past few months.

It hits the spot, is hydrating, full of protein and keeps me well full until lunchtime! I’m just gunna call it ‘Sheila’s Staple Smoothie’. It’s literally the smoothie I have everyday and there seems to be no getting sick of it in sight! Enjoy!


1 cup frozen or fresh mango

4-6 bananas (be sure they’re brown and spotty)

1/2 scoop Ezy Protein silk wild berry blend

1 teaspoon Maca powder

1 cup coconut water

1-2 cups water

handful of ice


  1. You know the drill. Chuck everything into a blender and blend!

I look forward to this smoothie every morning. I just use a stick blender and a massive stainless steel milkshake cup to make these everyday at work. On weekends they come out so much nicer in my Vitamix though.

If you cut way down on the water…BOOM…you have yourself protein ice-cream! Well, it’s not really ice-cream…more like a super thick smoothie you have to eat with a spoon.

Why brown bananas you say? Well. Have a quick google about brown spotty bananas and their cancer fighting potential! It’s a much debated topic. No it doesn’t cure cancer but can help fight abnormal cells. Have a look for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Plus it does help that I really, really like the taste of over ripe bananas!


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