2017, Food, Clothes and all the Goals!

Hello 2017 Valiant Readers!

Have we all set goals for this year?

There’s always the goals I set that I know will loose traction by about February, these include;

Not swearing as much – yes I like to kid myself, but I do try!

Be really kind to everyone no matter what – well that ones out the window as I’ve already encountered my first giant dickhead for 2017.

Go easy on the maple syrup – If I can still see my pancakes there’s not enough! Working on it. “Fuller…Zgo easy on the Pepsi!” hahahaha

Holey shit did I eat myself into a coma over Christmas or what! Eat all the Vegan things!

Ruby and I had a great time driving and singing all the way along the country side. Many coffee’s were drunk and lots of bread was eaten. Delicious bread. Food of the gods.

Before I left on my journey from Sydney to Ballarat I stocked up on Vegan treats. So. Many. Treats. After a visit to Newtown I came home with shit loads of vegan cheeses, chocolate, cream and my prized baby, a Tofurky roast.

It was all very good and I ate like a Vegan Pig…I mean King, Vegan King.

But with eating this way comes a price. I have slowly lost that great feeling you get from eating predominately whole foods. That buzz, that glow, that feeling that makes you curl your toes and wanna bounce out of bed every single morning. That feeling of wanting to run for no reason and being ridiculously happy and humming around the house. That’s how plant based eating makes me feel and I want that back!

Don’t get me wrong, my soul feels pretty great because I haven’t missed out on a single thing food wise over Christmas…but my body, not so much.

I want that feeling more than I want the fleeting seconds of deliciousness. So of course it’s back to the whole fruits and veggies with just a few treats along the way! No more loafs of bread with Nuttlex and vegemite for dinner. No more deep frying and most certainly no more vegan cheeses or cream! Well, maybe some cashew cream might sneak in here and there!

My Christmas Dinner

I have a lot of goals for 2017 and if I achieve half I will be happy! Some are small goals like using less oil and others; like not buying so much clothing, are very fucking hard.

I know that might sound ridiculous. Just stop buying clothes…right? We’ll, for me, it’s not that easy. I love the feeling of having something new and fresh to wear out. I love finding new looks and I love getting dressed up. Clothing for me is more like a hobby I guess you could say. Well Sheila, it’s time to find some new hobbies I reckon!

Becoming Vegan has defeinelty stopped my shoe shopping habit in it’s tracks. Most shoes contain animal products, even if it is vegan leather the glue can have animal parts in it. I am wearing out the shoes I already have and am looking into some vegan shoes online. Of course all the half decent vegan shoes are from overseas and have a not so decent price tag to go with them. But it has lead me to question if I REALLY do need another pair of shoes. If I really do want them I will have to save for the vegan ones, no willy nilly buying anymore.

The oil thing. Well. I started taking notice of how much oil I use when I cook. A splash here, a dosh there…..it all adds up and turns out I use a lot more than I should!

This got me looking into oil from a health perspective which then lead me to information about palm oil and the devastation it’s causing. So another goal spawned from there, only using sustainably sourced palm oil. This pretty much means saying goodbye to vegan junk food, most has the ‘bad’ palm oil in it.

One day I will be oil free but for now I’m slowly using less and less oil in my cooking as I learn different methods! Baby steps.

Anyways the year has begun and it’s going to be a fun and relaxed one here in this household!

What are your goals for 2017 and do you think you’ll achieve them?



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