"Vegans can be fit, fat, healthy, unhealthy, skinny, ripped and everything in between. Lets accept this and move on. It's not a plant pissing contest."
Sheila Valiant Vegan

Ahhh, those sweet melancholy early months living the vegan lifestyle. I went through a stage where I thought everyone who was vegan was just plain awesome and really nice. You have to be a great, caring and understanding individual to realise the ultimate truth and commit to a vegan lifestyle……right? Yep – for a good while there I thought all vegans were saints.

Once I ventured out from underneath my tiny rock, I came to the realization some people are just assholes, whether they are vegan or not. This was at first, very hard to accept.

It wasn’t until I was well into the lifestyle that I witnessed something really sad…vegans attacking other vegans. I’m not talking about a heated argument where points are made, noted and thoughtfully retorted to.  It was of course, on a vegan Facebook page and it was brutal. A lady had posted she was a vegan, who also ate her ‘backyard chooks’ eggs, but wanted to know if it was okay. Like an old weak gazelle in leopard territory, she was absolutely torn to shreds.

Granted, some nicer people tried to educate her and point her in the right direction with grace.

“Vegans don’t eat animal products no matter how ethically they’re obtained. Call yourself plant based or something if you still eat eggs”. Cool, fair enough.

Others just let it rain vegan hatred.

“This is why I FUCKING hate when people like you call yourself a vegan and ruin it for all the rest of us.”

“YOU ARE NOT A VEGAN if you eat eggs you fucktard.”

“Stop posting on vegan pages about this you are a moron. Go eat your chicken periods and rot in hell you gross bitch”

Yep. This sort of stuff happens all the time if you go looking for it in the vegan communities.

I have very few ‘real-life-in-the-flesh-live-close-to-me-vegans’, so it’s important to be apart of the online communities. I love seeing all the food posts, funny memes, pictures and hearing others stories. These online pages and groups helped me get through the hard times when I was beginning my vegan journey. In turn I can now I can help others through these online communities.

I myself have never been attacked by a vegan. So I put the question out there on the Facebook Group ‘Vegans in Australia’;

“Has any vegan ever been ‘attacked’ or experienced ‘hatred’ from other fellow vegans? I’m doing some writing for my blog and need to know. I have yet to experience this. Please comment your stories/experiences if you have! Thanks for your help”.

After a few days I had 224 comments and a whole new perspective on the issue.

The top 10 subjects that vegans get their panties in a violent twist about are;

  1. Vegans who don’t eat junk food acting superior and evil towards vegans who do.
  2. Backyard hens and the eating of their eggs.
  3. Those who consume palm oil should not be called vegan.
  4. What vegans choose to feed their animal companions.
  5. When vegans attack other vegans clothing and shoe choices, before confirming what material they’re made out of.
  6. Vegans letting their children choose what they eat.
  7. Vegans getting hatred for being pregnant or having children (apparently you’re not a true vegan if you have breed or planning to reproduce).
  8. Having a non vegan partner. One poor lady was labelled as a ‘Carnist’s whore’ by another vegan. Yep.
  9. Honey. Lord help those poor souls that consume honey and post about it.
  10. Religious beliefs. Even vegans attack other vegans for their faith. Because apparently you can’t be a Christian AND a vegan.

A lot of people also commented, ‘Just go to ‘Vegans United’ and you’ll see’ and also ‘Just hang around on these threads long enough hahaha’.

I did hang around, there was a few silly squabbles and some rude opinionated vegans emerged, but nothing too serious. But now I know it is happening and it’s a problem.

The NUMBER ONE reason this is a problem, is because it’s directing attention and effort into something useless and ultimately time wasting.

YES, I am well aware that if somebody asks for the opinions of others, the opinions will come, evil or not.

YES, I am also well aware that when people post none vegan things onto vegan pages, they should expect a little huff n puff.

YES, I know that eggs and honey are not vegan, no matter how ethically they are obtained.

Now here’s my opinion on all of this. In the words of my mother; “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

In the words of Sheila, “Stop fucking harassing other vegans, educate those that need it then move on and spend your mother effing time doing something more constructive.”

Here’s what I think about all these ‘Vegan fight’ subjects;

  1. Vegans can be fit, fat, healthy, unhealthy, skinny, ripped and everything in between. Lets accept this and move on. It’s not a plant pissing contest.
  2. Eggs are not vegan. Even if the hen told you herself, “C’mon human, just eat it, I wanna see you eat it!” A vegan would decline the sadistic hens offer.
  3. Does the food have any animal products or by-products in it? No? Then it’s vegan. I need to write about this more in depth. However, once you have educated yourself on the devastation buying products containing unsustainable palm oil causes, you should really avoid purchasing these.
  4. Do the best you can with what you feed your companion animal and leave the judging at home. This also needs a more in depth explanation. But my personal opinion is that yes, you can still be a vegan and feed your pets animal products. It sucks and I know its contradictive.
  5. Yep so obviously check, there’s a lot of fake fur and fake leather out there. If you brought it before you were vegan, wear it, donate it, let it sit in your cupboard I don’t care as long as you don’t buy any more.
  6. Don’t children just eat what you give them or tell them too? I’m not a parent and I have little to no contact with children. I can say, growing up Dad would make us eat everything on our plate weather we liked it or not. We weren’t given the choice. I do believe children can be extremely healthy eating vegan food. I’ll leave that one to the mums.
  7. Yeah I can’t believe this either. I just…I mean, I don’t even have words. Who are these people saying this!? For the record, yes, you can be a pregnant vegan with children.
  8. Well wrap me in bacon and call me a Carnist’s whore because my boyfriend eats meat. Am I going to leave him because I have chosen this lifestyle? Hell no. How can others judge someone so harshly for having a non vegan partner? There’s really some special individuals out there.
  9. Honey is not vegan. Even if it’s from Uncle Rodgers bee farm and he doesn’t use smoke or injure a single bee when he collects but 1 jar a week. Does it make us look crazy when we have over the top arguments about honey? Yes. Educate those still eating honey and move on.
  10. You can be a devout Christian, an atheist, a Buddhist or even a Jedi knight and still be vegan. c’mon.

So there you have it, what vegans fight with each other about and what I think.

Keep in mind that people other than vegans read the posts as well. I have come across so many posts that start with “Please no hateful comments but…” I mean, if it’s gotten to the stage people are anticipating and worried about the hate before they actually post, that’s pretty bad. Let’s leave the bickering, name calling and misery at home.

So next time you come across a post about honey, eggs or anything in between, try educating. If they still don’t get it, move on. Name calling and disgusting behaviour towards them will not help at all.

The same goes for the way we act towards those meat eating people out there, but that’s another topic entirely!

Cheers for reading guys!

It’s been a while since I have posted, the beginning of the year has been quite busy! We also tend to go away a lot with work which disturbs my routine. Sweet, beautiful routine.

Not posting could also have a lot to do with the ukulele I received for Christmas from my partners father. I have become quite attached to it and cant seem to put it down to write. (damn you stew!) But seriously the Ukulele is a beautiful instrument and has raised my happiness levels ten fold…if that was possible!

I have now set aside an hour a night to work on the blog so you shall be hearing from me more often!

Love yas xxx



  1. Annelise | 30th Mar 17

    This was as informative (and as hilarious) as usual. Thanks Sheila.

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