My Valiant

Hey there Valiant readers!

This is the story about how I came to find my beautiful Val…

Yes I had a crack at some poetry! It was fun! Enjoy!



By Sheila Hart

My names Sheila but my family calls me Sheil’s,

A little old Magna was my first set of wheels.

After that came Foz the Falcon, he had lots of go,

But I wanted a classic I could put in a show.


I found her in December, 2014 was the year,

In a town called Taradale- it was quite near!

The blokes name was Andre; it’s his wife’s car,

It’s defeinelty worth a look and it wasn’t very far.

My brother Ben and I set off, ready to have a stare

You’ve never seen a more excited pair!


Sarah greeted us and she opened their big shed,

My heart skipped a beat as endorphins filled my head.

She was better than the pictures, it was love at first sight,

Ben’s a mechanic, so I waited until he shed some light.

“Well, she has a bit of cancer, nothing we can’t cure,

Let’s open the hood and have a little tour”.

“It’s not the original donk, but the motor looks great,

She will be very reliable…it really must be fate!”


Now Ben was happy she was mechanically sound,

For my first drive, to the highway she’s bound!

The sound of her going, she runs like a gem,

I get a thumbs up as I look back at Ben.


The bench seats are springy and I feel so alive,

It’s perfect as she will be my daily drive!

Everything goes well and it must be a sign,

So we settle on a price and the Val, she’s mine!


Now about owning a Valiant I am learning,

and a hole in my pocket it is burning!

I used to spend money on clothes and booze benders,

Now I’m buying floor pans, tyres and fuel senders!

There’s always a part on order to complete the work,

My friends catch me in Repco where I now tend to lurk.

I’m learning new things, there’s always something to do,

There’s a long way to go before she looks like new!


A few times I’ve made Dad’s blood boil,

Now his driveways covered in stains and oil.

The trips home to Ballarat can be pretty long,

I have a boot full of parts in case something goes wrong.


It takes twice as long to get anywhere,

Because people want to have a yarn and stare.

“Geez you’ve got yourself a good bit of kit,

Them 225’s, they go like a shower of shit!”

I enjoy listening while they have a good geez,

They tell stories, “I learnt how to drive in one of these!”


I used to rush around and think I was cool,

But looking back I was really a fool.

When you enjoy what you’re driving there’s no need to go fast,

On the highways I watch as the others go past.

I drive like I have not a care or worry,

with the classics, there’s just no need to hurry.


Despite the extra time and cost,

without her I would be quite lost.

The Val and I will be together for years to come,

Ruby’s her name and she is second to none.


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